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They say the 'proof of the pudding is in the eating'. Well here are some other peoples reviews and testimonies about Forever Clean 9. You decide.

10 March 2015 Miss H Barnes
Lost 8lbs. You must do exact as it says..... No way you won't lose weight and feel kick started to continue.

30 March 2015 - Deirdre Collins
This is a wonderful product for cleansing your system and inspiring you to eat healthily. It is tough for the first few days but then the rewards kick in-increased energy, clearer skin, brighter eyes. Who wouldn't want that? Please buy from a proper Forever business owner. I have a fantastic festive offer on these at the moment for those who wish to look and feel better for Christmas

26 April 2015 Alan Doherty
Great lost 11lbs in 9 days

26 May 2015 Saj
Fantastic product. I lost 4 and a half kg. 1 and half inches of my some of the other reviews. The aloe vera gel takes a bit getting use too but def worth the long term benefits . Vanilla shakes are really nice. I mixed them with skimmed milk tasted even better. FIrst 2 days are tough so you might want to start on a weekend depending on what job you do. Certainly dont want to be doing heavy lifting on first 2 days. I am now on my F1 the follow up to C9.

29 May 2015 Ben C. Smart
This is a great product, after using it my self I became a rep,

12 July 2015 Stephanie
The product is great , the aloe Vera realy doesn't taste bad at all. I'm finding it surprisingly easy to stick to ,and have lost 3 kilos so far(I'm on day 6) .on top of that in feeling lighter and happier and generally more motivated to lose weight . So good that my mum and sister are now going to do it !

12 July 2015 T Girl
If you have reached a plateau in your weight loss journey (like me!) this will really help. I lost 7lbs in 9 days and a few weeks later I haven't put any back on, I also lost 5inches off my body. The first two days aren't as hard as you think and went pretty quickly. I would definitely recommend this, I think some people who didn't lose weight tended to stock up on the free foods too much. I followed the programme as directed and it worked for me.

6 July 2015 Lizzy
A great kick star to a diet - gives you a real focus

11 Aug. 2015 Helen
I am on day 4 of this plan and have lost 5 lbs! The Aloe Vera gel has got an awful taste but I drink it in one go. The vanilla shake drink is lovely. I mix mine with water (I forgot to buy skimmed milk) and it tastes lovely.

6 September 2015 Holly Pearce
I have been writing a blog about my Clean 9 experience...

6 September 2015 Ali W.
I did the detox to help me kick start a healthier lifestyle and it really has helped. It helped me lose 7lbs and nearly 10 Inches from all over my body but also improved my skins appearance and helped me sleep. I have continued with aspects of the cleanse, such as the exercise, water consumption and the shakes and it's going very well. The weight has stayed off and im still reaping the other benefits. I'd definitely recommend this!! Although the aloe isn't great, I found drinking it with apple juice really helped the taste and it gets much easier to drink as you go on and does make you feel good!

13 Sept. 2015 Tracey grant
It was a great product, really pleased with the results..

16 Sept. 2015 Miss Katty
it works!
Discipline, Discipline, Discipline! A very effective way to start/begin travelling down the road called 'Healthy Diet'. This pack not only helps you to Discipline your Diet habits but also teaches you to Discipline yourself. you do loose the weight but what I also learnt through this diet plan is, I released that it wasn't just what I was eating but he way I was eating (skipping meals, too much carbs, not enough fruits, eat more salads, have cereal everyday)

22 September 2015 CM73
Absolutely love the results I got from this detox. 9lb weight loss and a total of 10 inches lost!! It's helped me achieve everything I wanted to - weight loss, energy boost, breaking the daily wine habit...and all in 9 days. Fully recommend this, the Aloe Vera wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Slightly similar to grapefruit juice (that's what I told myself every time I drank it anyway!).

28 Sept. 2015 Nicola B
I'm on day 8 and feel brilliant, more energy, my skins better and I've lost 8lb and 9 inches :D Brilliant product, but make sure you buy from a legitimate business owner to get 60 day money back guarantee and authentic product! Generally same price, if not cheaper and full peace of mind.

13 Oct. 2015 Dawn Gray-Thom
I stuck to it religiously every day, the C9 programme certainly works. I've learnt to change the way I aet and to drink a lot more water then what I usually do. I'm glad I tried it, to be honest I wouldn't buy it again. It's all about sensible eating and exercise, which you can easily be health and loose weight your self in a cheaper way.

22 Nov. 2015 Amazon Customer
Follow it completely and it works

1 November 2015 Ingrid
great product 5 stars. It was a great product, really pleased with the results..
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